use your limitations.

· creative living

You only have fifteen minutes a day to write, or one Saturday a week to paint. You don't have a well-lit studio. You have a corner of the kitchen table, a cupboard, a coffee shop down the road. You'd love an expensive camera, but you all you have is a phone. You want to make giant paintings, but all you have is paper and a pencil. You want an electric guitar; you have a ukulele. Our limitations can scupper us, or they can free us. We can fight them, or lean into them. Of course, none of us want limitations. But the truth is our limitations are often what makes our work interesting. (Original. Ours.) Limitations help us to make decisions. I'll write now, not later, because in fifteen minutes, my baby is going to wake up. I'll make this piece of art this way, not because it's the ideal way, but because it's what's available to me right now. Creative people have to be scrappy. Scrappy makes you good. Scrappy keeps you going. So don't fight your limitations. Use them.