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    This is me, standing in a park after a hailstorm. I'd just finished recording an EP with an incredible producer I met online--something I never thought I'd be able to do. I kind of hate having my picture taken, but I look so peaceful here. I look like a woman who just proved to herself who she really is. That's the power of taking hold of your creative life.


    I've always believed that a healthy creative life = a healthy life. You can't separate the two. I find that when I look after my soul, when I make what I'm here to make, I'm a better person: warmer, happier, more joyful, more connected. I sleep better. I eat better. I move more. There's something so healing about letting your soul settle into its true shape.


    Since I was twenty-three years old, I've been obsessed with making my creative life work. When I finished my law degree, I decided I wanted to become a writer instead. And I did become a writer. Then I went through a few dark years when nothing was working in my writing career. I leaned into therapy, faced trauma from my past, and started writing music again for the first time in years. I met an amazing producer online. We became friends, and we made an EP together. One of the songs we made together has been played 12,000 times. Making music led me to write a book that I never thought I would write: a personal book, a book closer to my real self than anything I'd written before. I sold that book--my YA debut--in a multi-publisher auction.


    Now, I have a new challenge: I've just become a mother--a dream I've had for many years--and my creative life is changing again. I'm finding a new kind of flow. We grow when we keep moving, when we're open to the gifts of every stage.


    Okay, so now I want to ask you: is there something you think you could never do? What if you...did it? How would that change how you saw yourself? Can you imagine yourself on the other side? You've made it. You're there. How do you feel?


    These are the kinds of questions I like to ask as a creativity coach. I love working with creative people, helping them go from I could never to I did.


    If there's one thing I want you to know? Things can change. Little by little, things can change. All you have to do is take the first step.
  • what people are saying


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    Michelle H.

    You made me believe I can actually be a real writer and write a real book.
    My writing feels different, freer, more interesting, and more alive.
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    Kate C.

    I love that Hayley focuses on tailoring her advice to you.
    She gets to understand what makes you tick, what is holding you back, and then you work on moving forward together.
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    Lindsay E.

    As a creative, Hayley has a brilliant, generative brain. As a coach, Hayley is encouraging and open. Every time she's given me feedback on my writing, I come away refreshed, excited, and bursting with confidence.
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    Aimee L.

    Hayley truly cared about my success and growth, and her enthusiasm made me that much more excited to develop my craft. She’s an incredibly kind, wonderful person and it was just a joy to work with her.
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    Jessica Mae S.

    Hayley’s encouragement and wise words of wisdom helped me to see new possibilities. What an incredibly special woman! An absolute medicine boost for the soul!
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    Louise J.

    I feel like I now have the tools to keep going. I'm excited to put Hayley’s advice into practice and let myself enjoy the process more.
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